About JR Orthotics

Located on Park Avenue in New York City, JR Orthotics is owned and operated by Jeffrey Rosenstein, Certified Pedorthist. JR Orthotics specializes in producing quality handmade orthotic devices for walking shoes, running shoes, dress shoes, and more.

All orthotic devices made by JR Orthotics are designed and manufactured in-house, independent of any external laboratory or computer milling devices. This allows for a superior quality orthotic and unmatched customer service.

We can work independently or under the direction of any physician to produce both medical orthotic devices and non-medical customized footwear including handmade toe crests and silicone devices. For patients outside of the direct service area of New York City, Long Island, and Queens, JR Orthotics offers full online orthotics services and foot care products that are nearly impossible to find outside of podiatrists’ offices.

A Message from Jeffrey Rosenstein, President of JR Orthotics:

My career in Orthotics began at the age of thirteen. As the son of a podiatrist, I spent years studying the science of orthotics under my father’s direction. I became fascinated with the art of creating custom orthotics and went on to become a Certified Pedorthist in 1999.

Now, ten years and over five thousand patients later, I offer my products to you.

Every JR Orthotics product is handmade in-house. To put it simply, these are not your average orthotics. We do not use any outside laboratories, computers, or milling devices in making our orthotics. The result is a high quality orthotic that is handmade from start to finish and completely customizable for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Whether you are a doctor, a patient, or just an average person looking to relieve everyday foot pain, JR Orthotics can help you find the perfect fit. I stand behind the quality of each and every orthotic device and will not rest until I am sure that the style, comfort, and fit of each handmade orthotic is 100% correct.

If you are in need of quality custom orthotics, I invite you to give us a call or come by and see for yourself why JR Orthotics has been keeping America moving since 1950.


111 e 88th Street, Apt 1C
New York, N.Y. 10128

(212) 861-7170
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