Having trouble with foot pain?

Let JR Orthotics make you comfortable.

Whether you are in need of a medical foot orthotic device, or just want to feel more comfortable in your dress shoes, JR Orthotics can help.  We have made thousands of patients look and feel great with high quality custom orthotics and comfort foot beds for their sports shoes, ski boots, walking shoes, and even high end designer heels.   At JR Orthotics, you never have to choose between comfort and style.

We work hard to give you a perfect fit, every time.  All of our orthotic devices are made by hand, completely independent of any other laboratories.  We make any necessary adjustments in-house while you wait, so that you will always walk away feeling comfortable.

JR Orthotics can work independently or with any doctor to create high quality handmade custom orthotics for medical and non-medical purposes.  We listen and pay close attention to each patient’s individual needs in order to craft the most effective, comfortable custom orthotics available.  When you come to us, you find relief.  It’s that simple.

Don’t settle for poorly made, laboratory adjusted orthotics.  Don’t waste any more time and money dealing with laboratory technicians who under correct your orthotic devices and leave you feeling helpless.  Don’t suffer from even one more day of foot pain without calling JR Orthotics. 


Fill out these quick and easy forms and send them in to get your handmade custom orthotics. Choose from medical and non-medical orthotic devices. Forms
Get handmade custom orthotics and comfort foot beds for your walking shoes, running shoes, dress shoes, high heels, ski boots, dance shoes, cleats, and more. Our Products
Looking for high quality custom orthotics? JR Orthotics designs and manufactures all orthotic devices by hand and provides in-house analyses, castings, and adjustments. Our Services
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